Qualified Childminder & Childcare Practitioner in Redhill, Surrey
'Respects, listens & responds to the little world'
Ofsted Registered Childminder since 2008
'GOOD' Ofsted inspection reports: 2011, 2015, 2019
First Aid, NVQ & Early Years Degree Qualified Team 2020
Surrey County Council 'Quality Assured Childminder' since 2013
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Peter Dias

Prior to joining Cygnets Childcare and becoming an OFSTED registered Childminder, Peter have work experience in  care, catering and retail industry management.  Peter is professionally qualified in Mechanical Engineering and Retail Management. Currently Peter study towards his postgraduate qualification in Early Years Education. Peter is a passionate dad interested in child development and education and a  keen DIY enthusiast. In addition, Peter has  developed an special interest in  food and nutrition. 

In Peter's spar time, he enjoy walking, cycling, sailing, playing organ and growing fruits and vegetables in Cygnets very own allotment.  

When it comes to Early Years Education and care, Peter believes all  children should eat well and play well. Peter encourage children to eat healthy and have a well balanced diet and educate children to eat right kind of colourful food as it should be in a child's  'EAT WELL PLATE'.   Peter believes the Early Years learning environment should  provide children with endless opportunities to explore the nature, as well as  experience the latest technology, and engage in long term learning projects to gain in depth understanding about the world they live in.

Cygnets children are very lucky to have Peter so children can benefit from the different experiences and styles of caring men bring, which have resulted in more positive behaviour. Peter has helped enhance children's experiences and Cygnets Childcare workforce better reflects the real gender mix of the world. Our setting fathers often appreciate having Peter to talk to.


The Co-Owner
Cygnets Childcare, Redhill, Surrey