Qualified Childminder & Childcare Practitioner in Redhill, Surrey
'Respects, listens & responds to the little world'
Ofsted Registered Childminder since 2008
'GOOD' Ofsted inspection reports: 2011, 2015, 2019
First Aid, NVQ & Early Years Degree Qualified Team 2020
Surrey County Council 'Quality Assured Childminder' since 2013
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Rose Dias

Prior to forming Cygnets Childcare and becoming an OFSTED registered Childminder, Rose have work experience in sales, IT, banking, hospitality & catering, finance, HR, retail and quality assurance industries.  Rose is professionally qualified in Early Years Education and in Human Resources. Rose is interested in graphic design and is a keen photographer and an artist (as you can see 'Silly Cyggy' on this website is one of Rose's creations). You can see few more professional artwork created by Rose by clicking on the link below...


In addition Rose enjoy family time, cycling, horse riding, sailing and listening to instrumental music.

When it comes to Early Years Education and care, Rose believe happy children learn well and the quality of  interactive process between teacher and learner is a deciding factor of the level of outcomes for children's learning and development. Also, Rose believe her Early Years learning environment should  provide endless opportunities for all the children to acquire knowledge, skills, positive attitudes and dispositions within their social and cultural interest. Rose's   higher studies in Early Years Education  has influenced Rose to follow few child development theories such as Reggio Emilia (individual child interest based learning), Marie Montessori (structured education with an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for child’s natural psychological, physical and social development),  and Vygotsky (provide real-life and natural outdoor experiential learning to aid develop child's own knowledge and meaning)  so the pre school education at Cygnets Childcare can be effortless and enjoyable.

The Owner
Cygnets Childcare, Redhill, Surrey